Frequently Asked Questions
When will parents learn more?
  • Information will be available during schedule pick-up in August, and this website will be updated as information becomes available. Before students receive their Chromebooks, parents will be required to attend an informational session regarding the Chromebooks and their use by students.

What is a Chromebook?
  • The Google Chromebook is a laptop computer that utilizes the Chrome operating system, rather than Windows or Mac OS. chrome is also Google's web browser, so using the Chromebook is much like using the Chrome web browser on any computer. The Chromebook needs to be connected to the internet to do most functions, but students can work on Google word processing documents (Google Docs) without being connected to the internet. To learn more, watch this video:

When will my child get their Chromebook?

  • The plan is to distribute Chromebooks and cases to students in early November. The week before, during student-led conferences, parents will attend an informational session and sign off on their students’ participation.

Will there be a fee for my child to have the Chromebook?

  • There will be a $25 annual student usage fee for the Chromebooks. This will provide insurance against breakage and loss or theft, as well as help to support the maintenance of the devices over their lifetime.

What if it breaks?

  • One of the reasons the district has chosen Chromebooks is because of their durability, but accidents and malfunctions will happen. The devices are warranteed against mechanical failure, and the $25 usage fee will protect against accidental breakage. There will likely be a deductible for incidents when a student damages a Chromebook, and the details of that will be available at the time the usage fee is paid.

What if we lose it or it gets stolen?

  • The usage fee will protect families from being fully responsible if the device is lost or stolen. While there will be a deductible to replace a lost machine, a stolen device will be replaced provided the parent files a police report to document the theft and help with recovery of the device.

Does it need internet?  

  • Chromebooks are web-based devices, but they do have some functionality without internet access. Students will have the internet throughout the school day to access resources and do work, and they will be able to complete assignments at home without the internet through Google Docs, which is available offline.

What if I don't have wireless internet?

  • Without home wireless, your student will not have full function of the Chromebook, but it will still be usable to complete assignments in Google Docs. We do recommend that families consider wireless access, and Comcast has a plan available for low-income families to receive home internet access for as little as $10 a month. Click here for more information.

Can my child bring it home?

  • Your child will be EXPECTED to bring the Chromebook home to complete assignments and to charge it so that it can be used throughout the school day.

How do you plan to use the Chromebooks in classrooms? How will this help my student learn?

  • Depending on the subject and unit, the Chromebooks will be used for a wide variety of purposes.  Students will conduct a variety of research and activities online, complete assignments in Google Docs, and use a variety of web applications and interactive websites to increase their understanding of the concepts taught in class. Chromebooks provide a great opportunity for teachers to help students with a variety of different backgrounds in a particular subject. We expect the Chromebooks will become indispensable to both staff and students very quickly.

Is my child assigned one Chromebook all year or do they check it in and out?

  • Students will keep the same Chromebook throughout 7th grade and beyond. At the end of each school year students will turn in their Chromebooks for maintenance and safekeeping, and the same Chromebook will be given back to the student at the beginning of each year through the 12th grade.

What is Google Drive and how will my child use it?

  • Google Drive serves as the student’s ‘Home’ in the Chromebook. It’s the place where all documents are stored, including work the student receives and turns in. Google Drive is powerful because it also allows students to work together to complete assignments and to share information and assignments with teachers and others as needed.

Will my child have an email address and is it a public address?

  • All Fort Osage students are currently assigned an email address. For kindergarteners through sixth grade, students are only allowed to email teachers and other students in Fort Osage. In 7th through 12th grade, students are able to send and receive email outside the Fort Osage domain, but all correspondence is managed by the district and accessible to technology center staff.

How will you monitor what my child is doing on the Chromebook?

  • While in the district, access to the internet is controlled through the district’s web filter, which blocks inappropriate content. Teachers will also monitor students’ work in the classroom as they do currently to ensure they are on task. Outside of school, students will be expected to use the device appropriately to complete school work, but their actual searches will be managed by the home or commercial wireless networks to which they are connected.