Digital Learning

We are very excited to announce that the Fort Osage School District will begin its new technology initiative with next year’s 7th graders, the Class of 2019. In November, each student in 7th grade will be assigned a Chromebook laptop computer that will be his/hers to use through the end of the school year, and for each year after that through the 12th grade. Students will be allowed to take the computers home each night and use them to complete school activities and assignments. The district is taking this step so that Fort Osage students will have access to the most current and effective educational resources, so that they have a wider variety ways to learn and complete assignments, and so that they will be more engaged in school and achieve at higher levels. Parents will learn much more about this initiative in August, and will attend a training in October before students receive the computer.  Please check out our website for updated information as it comes available.